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Dinnair - Einsiedeln SZ

Dumplings (Knödel) with Herbs 290g (4 Pieces for 1-2 Portions)

Dumplings (Knödel) with Herbs 290g (4 Pieces for 1-2 Portions)

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Jürgen and Olivia Leonhardsberger run Switzerland's first Knödel factory with pride and passion. They create a wide range of varieties in their "Knödel Factory" in Meilen. Among them are also these Dinnair exclusives. The Leonhardsbergers are now known far beyond the Zurich cantonal borders - no wonder, with so much culinary ingenuity and loving craftsmanship. Always true to the motto "happiness is round".

Ingredients - Vegetarian
Bread cubes (wheat flour, yeast, salt), onions, milk, whole egg, herbs 6,3% (lovage, parsley, chives, oregano), salt

Cook the dumplings for 15-17 minutes in boiling water (just before it bubbles) or in broth. Defrosting shortens the cooking time by about 3 minutes.

Nutritional values per 100g
Energy 681KJ / 174kcal, Fat 2,7g, Carbohydrates 26g, Protein 6,6g, Salt 0,6g

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