• High quality Swiss ingredients

    Our producers place a lot of emphasis on the individual ingredients. Seasonal, regional, organic or from regenerative agriculture.
  • Without artificial additives

    We consistently avoid artificial additives down to the last detail. Instead, we like to have our own ingredients produced for us for further processing and spare hardly any effort.
  • Authentic producers

    Whether from Tibet, Thailand, Argentina or Switzerland, our producers bring the lifeblood and their passion and produce regionally, here with us in Switzerland.


We deliver our frozen specialties perfectly frozen at -18°C to your home or office!
To protect the environment, we deliver once a week on Thursday (orders placed before 09.00 Tuesday will be delivered in the same week). Free shipping already from CHF 100.-
At home in Einsiedeln in the canton of Schwyz, Dinnair has been constantly developing new frozen specialties since 2018. The production is in the hands of professionals who have their roots and their lifeblood in the respective delicacy. As a platform for small producers, we provide support in the areas of storage, packaging, logistics and marketing. This creates a growing community that lives the Dinnair philosophy.

The consistent renunciation of additives and preservatives is our mission. Freezing is one possible way to preserve food in a natural way. But storing at -18 degrees does not only have this advantage. It also reduces food waste in stores and at home to zero.


You can find our products at the following Dinnair distributors.
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